STEAM+EduTour: Travelling with a purpose!

Traveling and exploring new places is one of the most enriching education activities that you will ever undertake. Whether it is to attend an educational competition, educational tours, a hobby or passion, or a way of life, when we travel, we get a chance to develop neural connections that would be impossible to facilitate by learning about the world in a history or geography class. Traveling also helps some people overcome their bias and hatred of other races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, etc.

Traveling never fails as the ultimate teacher. Whether you are traveling in your own country or another one, it has the potential to be a life-changing experience. The barriers that tear us apart are neutralized, and you get a chance to learn that all of humanity is just one big colorful family.

When traveling try taking a guided or historical tour of the area and you will be sure to learn more than you could in a semester-long college course. You will see your geopolitical awareness skyrocket, as you begin to appreciate the economic, social, political structures from across the globe. - Matthew Lynch

So, the next time you learn about any of our STEAM+EduTour, if you want to take a trip with them, jump at the chance. Not only will you learn a lot, but you will get a chance to live your best life and have tons of fun.

I love to be outdoors, so I like to hike, bike and go to the beach.

Activities To-Do

Our activies have been aligned with the academic year of schools in Nigeria.

From the 2019/20 academic year, our programmes runs such that in each term, there are robotics playshops, national competition, international competition and our newly introduced "STEAM+EduTours" to back our two-fold mission to help you start-up Robotics in your school in an easy and sustainable manner AND to provide a platform for your students to test their innovation at the scale amendable to your school from local, national to global level.


Robotex International is an annual event and the biggest robotics festival on the planet. Thousands of engineers, executives, students and...

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MakeX is a robotics competition platform that promotes multidisciplinary learning within the fields of science and technology. It aims at...

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A Robotics Education program to teach students and teachers how to design, build, program and test robots to perform a...

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Robotics Playshop

Designed and professionally executed for your students and their teachers to grasp the fundamentals of DESIGNING, BUILDING AND PROGRAMMING robots...

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Interested in Hosting a Robotics Playshop!

Robotics Playshop is at the very beginning of our value chain for participants and their schools and also the machinery for achieving our 2025 Goal. If your school/organization will like to host one of such Robotics Playshop in your local enviornment across Nigeria, Do get in touch with us.