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AI Starter Kit

85,000.00 79,995.00

The AI Starter Kit is a preliminary entry kit that combines an artificial intelligence theme and a programming education theme developed for classroom teaching.


Mainboard: ELF mini V3.0

Operating Voltage: 6-12V (18650 Lithium battery pack included)

On-board Sensor: Light Sensor, Sound Sensor, IR, LED, Buzzer

External Sensor: Temperature and humidity sensor; PIR sensor; OLEDdisplay; 5V130 motor module (fan); MP3 module; Slide potentiometer; RJ11 adapter; 1 to 4 RJ11 Module; 9g servo motor.

Communication: Bluetooth, IR, 2.4G(optional)

Program Software: WeeeCode (Scratch 3.0), Arduino IDE.


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