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Codey Rocky Education Pack – 6 Robots

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Codey Rocky is a low-entry coding robot aimed at STEAM education. It provides an entertaining learning experience of programming for children of ages 6 and up.

This version comes with the Makeblock Bluetooth dongle for easy programming on your computer.

• What is Codey Rocky Education Pack – 6 Robots?
The pack is an ideal solution to large-class lectures on robot programming.
One kit contains six sets of Codey Rocky, allowing up to 12 students to learn coding at the same time. Powerful features of Codey Rocky allow students to learn scratch,Python AI and IoT. A full set of student’s guides, teacher’s guides, and PPTs make it easier for teachers to prepare for and deliver lessons.
What’s more, the Gratnells storage boxes and charging accessories included in the kit can further facilitate teaching.With the help of our kit, teachers can develop courses on programming, and organize robotics or programming competitions.
Codey Rocky
Codey Rocky is an educational robot that helps children aged 6 + to learn coding in a professional yet fun way. When having fun with Codey Rocky, children not only master the basics of block-based programming and Python, but also develop their interdisplinary skills.
• Store and Check
Use Gratnells storage boxes to facilitate checking, collecting and storing.
Charging accessories
8 devices can be charged at the same time and can be fully charged within a class break.
• Supporting Materials
A full set of student’s guide(16 sessions), teacher’s guide and PPT.
Don’t worry even you launch a programming course for the first time.
Version: Codey Rocky Education Pack – 6 Robots
Gross Weight: 3.931kg
Package Dimension: 45.5*20*35.5 cm
Transfer Method: Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / USB
Sensors: Codey:LED matrix screen, Loudspeaker, RGB light, Buttons, Gear potentiometer, Sound sensor, Light sensor, Gyroscope and accelerometer, IR transmitter, IR receiver, Volume sensor
Rocky:IR color sensor, DC geared motor
Power: 950mAh Li Battery (charging time: 2hrs approx)
Compatibility: macOS, Windows, iOS, Android
Part list
6 x Codey
6 x Rocky
6 x Lanyards
6 x Micro USB data cable_100cm
6 x Quick Start Guide_En
1 x Safety Guide_En
48 x Codey Rocky Colour Card
1 x 8-port USB charger
1 x Power Cord
1 x Gratnells Storage Box
1 x Pearl-cotton box liner
2 x Name Sticker
1 x Teacher’s Guide (Pack of 6)_En


• Introductaion
• Codey Rocky Quick Start Guide:
mBlock 5+Codey Rocky Course.
mBlock 5+Codey Rocky Game Design Course:
In the Game Design Courses, students will learn how to design games using the block-based programming tool (mBlock 5) and Codey.
 mBlock 5+Codey Rocky Basic Coding Course:
 Student’s Book:



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