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mBot Add-On Pack-Interactive Light & Sound

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The mBot Light & Sound Add-on Pack gives your robot a kind of ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’. With the light sensor modules, the mBot can see and follow light. With the sound sensor the mBot can respond to sound and noises. And with the RGB LED the mBot can visually respond in a colourful way. Build your own light following robot, build a scorpion, or make your own intelligent desk lamp!

Part List

  • 2x Me Light Sensor
  • 1x Me RGB LED
  • 1x Me Sound Sensor
  • 2x RJ25 cable-35cm
  • 1x Wrench M5+M7
  • 2x Beam0808-072
  • 2x Beam0824-080
  • 1x Plate 45°
  • 4x Gasket 4x7x3mm


• mBot Quick Start Guide:
Helps you quickly get to grips with mBot, get started on your programming education, and explore mBot’s rich gameplay.
 mBot Building Manual:
Read mBot Construction Manual.You can also download the Makeblock App and click on the in-app “Construction Manual” to see a 3D construction tutorial.
 mBot + mBlock 3 Quick Start Guide:
With 24 interesting mBot case studies children can get started quickly, learn to program faster, and access a variety of cool functions.
 Find out more about mBot resources:
mBot simple programs, mBlock examples, lessons.
 Find out more about mBot product Materials:
mBot emotion card, line follow map, schematic.


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