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6-1 Weeebot Evolution STEAM Kit

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The 6-in-1 Evolution Robot Kit is a versatile DIY advance STEAM educational kits, which contains 50 + components and electronic modules. It can realize APP controlling, graphical programming controlling, Arduino and Python code controlling on mobile and PC terminals. It consists of 6 classic forms, to enable learners to improve robotic assembly skills and programming process abilities by exploring six classic cases in the suite.

Wall-E Robot

Detection Robot

Walking Robot

Penguin Robot

4-leg Robot

3-wheel Robot


More Builds, More Gameplay

55+ components, 3 different programming platforms, 6 assembly cases, are waiting for your exploration for more personalized robot’s forms and play.

Assembly Guide Easy to Learn

Combination of  building instructions paper and 3D structure instructions, takes you to complete the robot’s assembly and programming process step by step.

Online-Cases and Courses Support

Update rich assembly cases and programming on Wiki and online forum in real time, where can contact with robot enthusiast and technological bigwig around the world with zero-distance. Not only learning robot knowledge, but also making study process more interesting.

Graphical and Arduino Programming Compatibility

Control your robot just through hauling the graphical programming, transcode the Language C of Arduino only by one button, seamless handover between graphical and text code.

Platform Support, Strong Scalability

Weeemake mechanical platform support to explore robot.

200+ mechanical parts compatible with Lego, 60+ electronic modules compatible with Arduino.

Multi-terminal(mobile,PC) software compatible with scratch and Arduino, Python.

From simple to complex, from DIY interest to professional development, let your creativity work.


Description 6-in-1 Weeebot Evolution Robot Kit Pre-set forms 6
Main-board ELF User 10 +
On-board Electronics ATmega328P Motor 2 × 188rpm DC geared Motor
1 × Light sensor External electronic modules RGB ultrasonic sensor V1.0
1 × Sound sensor Double-way line-following sensor V1.0
1 × IR transmitter & receiver Variety and quantity of parts Parts variety:55 +
1 × Buzzer parts quantity: 380+
1 × On-board button Operation voltage 6-12V
1 × On-board RGB LED Power supply 18650 lithium battery  × 2
Extension port 4 × RJ11 port, 2 × DC motor port, 4 × Versatile motor port Programming software APP(graphic), PC(graphic + Arduino C)
6 × pin conversion port, 1 × USB B port, 1 × Bluetooth 2.4G port Dimension            (L × W × H) 500 × 150 × 350(max.)
Communication Micro USB, Bluetooth 4.1, IR Net weight 1800g


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