Robot Academy

RoboRAVE International, a global body of robotics players in 20 countries, with support from the United States Consulate, Lagos, RoboRAVE Nigeria is hosting the Robot Academy in collaboration with concerned state government.

Robot Academy

The Robot Academy is a workshop for Educators to learn how to build, program, and test robots to perform a variety of challenges; and to guide attendees on how to start or expand Robotics Program in schools and communities for school-aged kids and/or young people.

Who is the Robot Academy for?

Teachers who are excited about plans to either start or expand Robotics Education in their classrooms and schools, INEXPENSIVELY!

Plans can be for a few students; a class; afterschool group; or for an entire community.

The goal is to create engaging ACTION PLANS for school-aged kids and/or young people in the use of Robotics as a tool for introducing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) concepts.

Schools are allowed nominate 1 or 2 teachers from, Primary and junior Secondary Schools to attend the Robot Academy. This is to ensure a high probability of success for implementing their action plans.

COST: Robot Academy is FREE, courtesy of the support from the United States Embassy in Nigeria to bring in the Facilitators and also because of concerned State Governments graciously releasing their facilities for the purpose of the academy.

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