Robotex International is an annual event and the biggest robotics festival on the planet. Thousands of engineers, executives, students and families come together to be inspired by industry leaders, examine new startups, build robots for various challenges and learn about the latest technology innovations.

Robotex International hosts robotics competitions throughout the festival with challenges available for people across all technical levels and ages.

We have prepared our competitions in a progressive way, where everyone can continue developing their skillbase! This means that people with no prior experience can compete with their first robots, while experts are pushed to build more innovative solutions.

Whereas many of our challenges are exclusive to Robotex network, it is also important to note that we have left room for all the popular competitions based on international standards, e.g. sumo, line following and entrepreneurial challenge. This means that it is even recommended to join Robotex International with robots used at other global competitions.

For more information on how to participate send an email to

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